Monday, September 21, 2020

The Secret-Eater Monk

Painting: "The Secret-Eater Monk"
Location: Dochiariou Monastery, Mount Athos
About: The painting "The Secret-Eater Monk" hangs in the Archondariki (Guest House) of Dochiariou Monastery on Mount Athos as a warning of inappropriate eating habits. This is a modern painting based on a miracle that happened on Mount Athos in one of the monasteries. One of the monks who worked in the kitchen stole some food and secretly ate it in his cell in the evening. One day after Great Vespers, when everyone was going for supper, in the presence of many brethren, the earth opened and a serpent emerged from the earth, consuming the soul of the careless monk.   

Friday, September 4, 2020

Demons Fear the Power of Holy Relics - The Case of St. Babylas

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

A saint's power after his death is often many times greater than in life. "That is why God left us the relics of the saints," says St. John Chrysostom in his unsurpassable homily on St. Babylas (Sept. 4).

St. Babylas was buried in the city of Antioch. At that time, Emperor Gallus - the brother of Julian the Apostate - was reigning together with Constantius, the son of Constantine the Great. Inspired by piety, Gallus translated the relics of St. Babylas to the outskirts of Daphne and built a small church, placing the relics of the martyr in it.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Woman Who Was Demon Possessed in a Greek Village for Eight Years

The following miracle was witnessed by many. It took place before the wonderworking Panagia Prousiotissa Icon on Friday the 24th of August in the year 1928, at six o'clock in the evening. A 38 year old woman, Katherine Niphoropoulos, from the village of Riolo Achaia in the province of Patras, had been suffering from demonic possession for eight years. After visiting one physician after another and finding no cure for what afflicted her, her family and acquaintances had her then begin to make pilgrimages to many monasteries as a last refuge and hope. Finally she arrived at the Monastery of Prousos in Karpenisi.

At Prousos Monastery, Katherine's family and acquaintances requested that the priest, Father Cyril, read the exorcism prayers over her before the wonderworking icon of Panagia Prousiotissa. As he proceeded, Katherine cried out with a loud and mighty voice, though she was unaware of what she was saying: "O Virgin, I swear, I am going!" She repeated this over and over again. Katherine, meanwhile, was lying down on the stairs while the priest continued to read the prayers over her. At one point her head slipped from the step. She would open her mouth from time to time. Her eyes appeared cloudy and perplexed. Her arms were outstretched as though crucified. Katherine then gazed toward the holy icons. She stopped breathing. It appeared she was about to die. Then she closed her eyes as if she indeed died.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Saint Joseph the Hesychast and the Confession of Demons

Elders Joseph the Hesychast and Ephraim of Arizona

By Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Even the demons know quite well who Elder Joseph was. When exorcisms were being read over a possessed woman in Thessalonica, she began shouting: “That Joseph! He went to Philotheou. He’s protecting Philotheou Monastery, and I can’t do anything to them!” Everyone who heard this wondered how she knew about Elder Joseph and that his skull was at Philotheou. She herself, of course, didn’t know this, but the demon inside her did.

In 1982 Father Stephanos Anagnostopoulos in Athens was reading the exorcism prayers for a different possessed woman. He described what happened as follows:

Thursday, July 30, 2020

How Does the Devil Perceive our Prayers Yet Cannot Read our Thoughts?

By Lay Preacher Demetrios Panagopoulos (+ 1982)

A young monk had a question:

"How does Satan perceive someone's noetic prayer and turns away from them, but he does not have the power to know the thoughts they may have within them?"

That night, a certain female Saint appeared to him while he was sleeping, and she said to him:

"Niko (this was his name), you question how Satan perceives someone is praying noetically, while it is God alone who knows the thoughts of someone?


Like the stove, which burns wood internally and we do not see the fire, but the heat tells us that the stove contains fire, so Satan may not see your prayer, but because he burns when he approaches you, he realizes that you are united with God, through prayer."