Thursday, December 8, 2016

Saint Patapios and the Demon Possessed Boy

St. Patapios of Thebes (Feast Day - December 8)

There was a youth who was possessed by a terrible demon. At times, the demon tore at the young man's garments, leaving him totally naked; on other occasions, the youth was cast over precipices and into ditches. He was also thrown into water, where he was in serious danger of drowning.

As the youth was walking on the road one day, the demon seized him and was about to cast him into the sea. However, by God's providence, at that very moment, the great Patapios passed by and saw the attempt to drown the youth. As the demon beheld Patapios, it violently shook its victim, causing the young man to twist his eyes and foam at the mouth. Next the demon had the young man gnash his teeth and cast a fierce look at the Saint.

As Patapios approached, the demon lamented. "Woe unto my calamity! What does Patapios seek here? What shall I do? Where shall I go to find a dwelling place? Whether I go into the city or into the desert, You always overtake me, O Nazarene, and expel me by the sign of Your Cross; and I always vanish in defeat!"

After the odious demon spoke these words, the creature levitated the youth into the air and shook him. The servant of Jesus Christ, Patapios, undaunted by this display, made the sign of the life-giving Cross in the air with his hands, saying, "Depart, you unclean spirit, and go into the desert. Christ commands you, and His power you have confessed, even against your will!"

After the Saint uttered this, the demon convulsed the youth and cast him to the ground. The demon then left his victim, exiting as smoke, and fled. In the meantime, the youth wept with happiness, praising God and thanking the Saint.