Monday, September 18, 2017

Marilyn Manson Warns Against Black Magic

Marilyn Manson was featured on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" a few days prior to Halloween in 2010. He tells an interesting story of an occult ritual which he participated in when he was in High School and lived in Canton, Ohio. He concludes his story with a warning to those who venture to do something similar.

I'm not sure how true this story is. It is not mentioned in his bestselling autobiography or in any of his past interviews, where he talks about a different experience in his teenage years with the occult. Knowing how much Manson loves to use sarcasm, he may have very well made this particular story up just to tell an interesting story for the show. Plus, the Necronomicon (a Greek word that means "Law of the Dead") is considered a hoax even by occult magicians, which are rituals based on the stories of Lovecraft and Crowley; though of course it still should not be toyed with. I have also visited the neighborhood where Manson grew up in Canton, Ohio and the way he describes it doesn't fit in with the story, though he does say the story took place at his friends house, which may explain it. When the late Jay Thomas was interviewed for the same show, he had mentioned elsewhere that he made up his story because they didn't try to verify it and they offered him $10,000 just to tell a ghost story; the same may be the case with Manson here. Whatever the case may be, and the story could be entirely true, his words of advice at the end are still most interesting, coming from a man self-described as the "Antichrist Superstar" and the "Third and Final Beast".

A note of interest to my Orthodox Christian readers: The house in which Marilyn Manson (a.k.a. Brian Warner) grew up in Canton, Ohio was next door to the home of a Greek Orthodox family whose son later went to Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline, MA to study for the priesthood. I went to Seminary with him and asked him what Manson was like growing up. He said that "Brian" was very quiet, normal and nice, and even was his baby sitter on many occasions, since Manson was older, and they always had a good time together. This was around the same time that the story takes place.