Friday, October 12, 2018

The Young Monk Who Was Cast Out of His Grave After His Burial

By St. Gregory the Dialogist

(The Dialogues, "Life of Saint Benedict", Bk. 2, Ch. 24)

On a certain day, a young boy that was a monk, loving his parents more than reason would allow, went from the Abbey to their house, without asking the holy father Benedict's blessing beforehand. The same day that he came home to them, he departed this life. Being buried, the next day after, his body was found cast out of the grave. They caused it to be put back in, but again, the day following, they found it as before.

Then in great haste they went to the man of God, fell down at his feet, and with many tears beseeched him that he would give his favor to him that was dead. The man of God delivered the holy communion of our Lord's body with his own hands to them, saying: "Go, and lay with great reverence this our Lord's body on his breast, and so bury him." When they had done so, the dead corpse after that remained quietly in the grave.

By which you perceive, Peter, what merit he had with our Lord Jesus Christ, seeing that the earth would not give rest to one who had departed this world without Benedict's favor.