Friday, August 9, 2019

The Holy Elder That Invited a Demon To Possess Him

By the Preacher Demetrios Panagopoulos

A demon possessed man suffered for man years because of this demon. The fathers of a certain monastery had brought him to many elders to be healed, but no one was able to exorcise the demon. Eventually they brought him to a clairvoyant elder, who was a great faster. The elder said to them:

"Brothers and Fathers, I do not have the gift to expel demons. But I do have love and I ask the demon to leave this man and to come to me, so this brother can find some rest."

Indeed, the demon left the brother and entered the elder, allowing for the possessed man to be healed.

For many years the elder was possessed by this demon, but one day the devil came out of the elder in the form of a black cat. When the elder saw the demon come out of him, he asked:

"Where are you going? I did not expel you."

The devil told him:

"I find no rest in dried up flesh." With this the demon departed.

Do pigs go and roll around in a dried up pit? They do not, because they want the pit to be soft, so they can roll around in mud. This is how the devil is also. Flesh that is dried up from fasting it cannot enter.

People are able to flee corruption much easier, if they do not take care of their flesh with much food and they fast.