Friday, June 12, 2020

The Demon Possessed Village

After the repose of Saint Peter the Athonite (June 12) in 734, two grave-robbing monks stole the relic of the Saint, and having fled Mount Athos they came to the village of Photokomi which is located in Thrace. In this village was a well, where the monks sat down to eat bread after a weary journey. The relic of the Saint, meanwhile, was hanging in a sack on the branch of a nearby olive tree.

As the monks were eating, a number of men, women and children came to them, shouting: "Where is the great Peter who came from Mount Athos? We need to go forth and meet him in advance."

Now there was a large cistern near the well where the monks were eating. This area had been abandoned for a long time, and was given over to be a habitation of demons. It was said that a thousand demons dwelled there, wreaking havoc not only in the lives of people, but also dogs, oxen and other animals. When the relic of Saint Peter arrived, the demons fled from fear into the village, where they entered the villagers and demonized them all. The villagers therefore gathered together and hastened for the olive tree.

When the demonized villagers arrived at the olive tree, they began to scream and tore open the sack in which the relic was contained. But instantly an extraordinary wonder took place, and the demons at once were exorcised from all the villagers. One could hear the foul creatures wailing and lamenting as they departed. Through the grace bestowed upon the relic of Saint Peter, the demons were dispersed altogether from the village of Photokomi.