Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Book in Russian: "Conversations with the Dead: Stories of Parish Priests" (2019)


Annotation to the book "Conversations with the Dead: Stories of Parish Priests" 
("Разговоры с мертвыми: Рассказы приходских священников")

People sometimes encounter mysterious phenomena that they cannot explain. The authors of this book are Orthodox priests, and they talk about miracles associated with visitors from another world.

The main task of this unusual book is to testify about the truth of the existence of God, about the Creator of the visible and invisible world, the Creator of disembodied forces, some of which are bright angels, and others are crafty demons.

In all these events, there is undoubtedly the Providence of God, which does not leave a person throughout his life.

The material for the book was the stories of parish priests, which were published in the 19th and 20th centuries in the Russian magazines "Русское слово", "Странник", "Душеполезное чтение", "Троицкий листок" and other sources, including the journal "Церковные ведомости", published by the Holy Synod.

This book was recommended for publication by the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Not yet available in English.

The Wanderer's Tale
The robber enlightened
Repentance of the schismatic
Service to the Fatherland
News from blessed Athos
Mamma, I have recovered!
Cross and holy water
Prayer Will Heal the Sick
The oath
Stingy beggar
The enemy's obsession
Healing the sufferer
Healing grace
Vision of an Angel
Help of the Saint
Prayer Saved the Sick
Graceful help
"Do not be afraid, everything is arranged!"
State money
Korsun Icon of the Mother of God
"Consolation in sorrows"
When doctors are powerless
Weak man
"I will be your faithful servant!"
Give glory!
Everything is possible for the believer
In the simplicity of the heart
Where it is light and joyful
The bestowed harvest
Radiant guests
From darkness to light
When God is near
The Lord keeps babies
Light of Orthodoxy
Prayer Healed
Spiritual father
Small believers
A bright end
Life-giving Cross
Daughter of a landowner
Dangerous way
Wonderful dream
One hour spent in hell
The death of a Christian youth
"Do not be afraid, father!"
Hell's torment on earth
Blessed Augustine's story
My fiancee
"I am not dead!"
Two monks
Punishment for libel
Mortal wound
Holy soul
"I died, but I'm alive!"
The death of the monk
"Pray for me!"
God's punishment for profanity
Deathbed Visions of Sinners
Mercy of God
Instructive vision
Conviction from the underworld
May God grant everyone to die like that!
Disciplining the deceased mother
Wonderful dream
True faith
Conversion of an atheist
An incident in a monastery
The Importance of Commemorating the Dead
Death warning
Leave us the priest!
Apparitions of the Dead
The power of repentance
Church commemoration
The participation of the dead in the fate of the living
Sovereign's story
Emperor and Metropolitan
A warning in a dream
Infernal torment
From the realm of the mysterious
The Widow's Tale
Extraordinary dreams
Amazing case
Sad ghost
Hegumen Blasius
Dying vision
Guest from the underworld
It's too early for me to die!
Girl in a carriage
A case from one's life
In the dungeon
The Lord Himself Keeps Children
Metropolitan and Tsar
Pangs of conscience
Exposing the killer
There is nothing secret
Punished blasphemy
Daring Colonel
The power of repentance