Friday, April 2, 2021

Elder Ephraim of Arizona and the Demon Possessed Canadian Woman


Elder Ephraim of Arizon gave the following testimony of an exorcism he performed for a Canadian woman:

"I had gone to Canada and there I spoke to the Greek community about the devil, about how he deceives us and leads us to sin. When I finished the speech and the people left, there was a big uproar. Some ladies then came and informed me that some old lady had been demonized. The demon-possessed woman was shouting and screaming, saying words about me:

'This man has revealed me, he brought me out! What are you looking for here in Canada? He came to take what was mine, which I had bound tightly. I will hurt him and take revenge on him!'

She was taken to a room. And as soon as she calmed down a bit, I went and met her. She had her eyes closed and was shaking like a fish! As I was obliged to do I opened the Euchologion, put on my stole and read the prayers of Basil the Great, and when I finished, she opened her eyes, stopped trembling and said to me:

'Father, I want to confess!'

Indeed I heard her confession. This lady had a demon for many years, but it had not manifested within her. She was communing, attending church normally, but she did not know that she was demon-possessed.

However, on the occasion of that speech that I had made, the demon that she had was manifested. Many who were present at the scene with the demon-possessed woman benefited a lot, and people who did not believe in demons and the devil, believed in the existence of evil spirits."
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.