Monday, January 31, 2022

Saint Arsenios of Paros and the Cave of the Demons

 By Archimandrite Philotheos Zervakos

Miracle 3

In the settlement of Langada [on the island of Paros], at the estates of the Monastery of Saint George and other neighboring farmhouses and estates to the Monastery, it was observed by the resident farmers, that at night wild shouts were coming from the estates and causing damage. When this was perceived by the resident farmers, they hastened to drive them away and the phenomenon of those wild shouts. Instead of coming from the entrance of the estate, they came from the areas where there were steep cliffs. When the men hastened to reach them in order to remove them from the entrance, they were in danger of falling down the cliffs and being killed.

They went and announced this to the Saint, who resided at that time in the Monastery, and he comforted them and encouraged them by saying: "Do not be afraid, my children, have courage. I will come and banish those wild shouts. Know that those are not real shouts, but envious demons who have taken the form of shouts in order to tempt you. When they come again, notify me and I will go and banish them."

On a night when the moon was bright, the phenomenon of the shouts came from the estates and the damages began. Straightaway the people ran and notified the Saint in the Monastery. The Saint, taking in his hands the Honorable Cross, hastened to the place. Blessing that area with the Cross, he said: "Cross the protector of the entire universe. Cross the glory of Angels and the wounding of the demons." He approached without fear, meanwhile the phenomenon of the wild shouts were as if dead.

He took one of them by the ear and followed the rest of them to a nearby cave, the so-called Kalambaka,* which is great and very deep, and he said to the demons: "The Lord commands you, He who has cast you down as a lightning bolt from heaven, through me His unworthy and least servant Arsenios, to descend into the depths of this cave, and to not emerge and do harm until the Lord comes at the Second Coming, in order to cast you into the fire of gehenna, where the worms die not and the fire does not quench."

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.
* The Cave of Kalampakis is located in Marpissa, near Agios Georgios Langadas. Findings show that it was inhabited by humans in prehistoric times. There are stalagmites and stalactites, but exploring is dangerous as the cave is vast, deep and difficult to access. Knowledge of the area and special equipment are required to explore the fabled cave, which is also known as the Cave of the Demons.