Monday, April 24, 2023

Saint Eumenios Saridakis, the Demon Possessed Girl and the Miraculous Icon of Saint George

One afternoon in the year 2005, a girl and her father from Larissa visited the Koudouma Monastery in southern Crete, asking to visit the Church of the Panagia.

Entering the church, the girl could not offer veneration, because something prevented her. The father explained to the Abbot that his daughter was suffering from demonic influence and the late Elder Eumenios from the village of Ethia in Crete appeared to her in a vision before this time (they had never heard of him) and urged her persistently to come to his tomb and he would heal her, because, as he told her, He had suffered the same from demons, "only I suffered from pride, while you from blasphemy."

"So today we came to Crete and went to the tomb of the Elder and while we went to venerate, my daughter heard the voice of the Elder saying to her:

'Go to the Monastery of Koudouma and ask the Abbot to make the sign of the cross over you and you will be well.'"

After the grieving father explained, the Abbot read over her the prayers prescribed by the Church for these cases. After many difficulties caused by the sufferer during the time of their reading, and after the end of the prayers the girl turned to the Abbot saying to him:

"Elder Eumenios who sent me here told me to tell you that, after you make the sign of the cross over me, you should bring the miraculous icon of the Holy Great Martyr George from the Holy Altar so that I can venerate it."

The Abbot did not know of any miraculous icon of Saint George that exists in the Monastery, and especially that it is in the Holy Altar, and he told her that what she is asking for does not exist. She insisted, as the Elder had told her, that it exists in the supplementary area of the Holy Sanctuary, hanging over the door. When the Abbot entered, he found that indeed above the door of the sanctuary was the icon of Saint George, a work of the year 1917, and he praised God for the miraculous intervention of the Elder.

After that they offered their veneration and left the Monastery, the girl at rest and calm, because it was getting dark and wanted to catch the ship for the return. Since then, we especially honor the icon of Saint George in the Monastery.
Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.