Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Miracle of Saint Cyprian of Antioch in 1966

By Archimandrite Haralambos Vasilopoulos

In 1966 there was a 29 year old young man, a soccer player from Athens, who was at the brink of death. He was the victim of a magical spell.

The young man had asked for the hand in marriage of a modest and good maiden. But there was another woman who was a rival that gave into satanic envy, so she went to a sorceress in order to drive the young man crazy and kill him.

The spell attached itself to the young man. This is because the young man had no connection with the Mysteries of the Orthodox Church. At first he no longer wanted to go to work and his large store fell to ruin. He also didn't want to see his family and in the end he suffered from horrible headaches. He even reached the point of attempting to commit suicide.

For two months his loved ones were taking him to doctors, but they were unable to do anything. Indeed, science can offer nothing in such circumstances. In her despair the mother of the young man, unfortunately of course, ran to a medium. The medium told her that he was suffering from a magical spell. He even told her who did this, as well as the place in the yard where bones were buried to carry out the spell. Indeed, they dug in that spot and found the bones.

We must stress here that Satan makes some strange revelations only in so far as he wants to confirm people in their error. However, he is unable to heal anything. Two months had passed and the young man began to suffer. He was unable to sleep during this duration.

For fifteen days he ate nothing. On July 16th, which was a Saturday, he arrived at the brink of death. He was unconscious and his face began to darken. There was mourning and crying in the home of the unhappy young man. His widowed mother fainted when she saw that she was losing her child.

In this dreadful situation they put him in a fast car and brought him almost unconscious to the Monastery of Saint Cyprian in Fyli of Attica. The sun was going down and an endless silence enveloped the monastery.

The silence was broken when the fast car hit the brakes, and the lamentations of the young man's friends and his sister accompanied him. They narrated his story and the monastery was saddened by the tragic situation. He was brought into the church and the priest of the monastery began to read prayers. The battle with the devil had begun. Oh, how at this moment all the unbelievers should have been there!

With the devil's reactions to the exorcism prayers, the ill young man screamed: "Enough! I can't take it anymore!" This continued during the reading of the exorcism prayers, which lasted for an hour and a half. Before the dismissal took place, Saint Cyprian worked his miracle.

Suddenly the blackness receded from the young man's face. He became calm and asked to sleep. Sleep had evaded him for the past two months. He slept until Sunday when he was suddenly awakened by the bells of the monastery, which rang joyfully for the miracle of the Saint which took place to the glory of God.

He became perfectly well not only physically, but also in his soul. For the first time in his life he confessed his sins, and he communed of the Immaculate Mysteries. On the 22nd of July the healthy young man left for his house glorifying God, honoring His Saint, to the shame of the demons. A week later he officially became engaged to the young woman he had promised to marry before he got sick. Around a month later they got married.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.