Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Useful Tip for Organizers of Haunted Attractions

Here’s a useful tip for haunted house organizers from Michael Ward of Theatronics Engineering:

“As a theatrical consultant I have spent over 20 years helping people build ‘dark attractions’ (so named because they are in the dark). In that time I have been involved in raising over 5 million dollars for causes such as Jerrys Kids (M.S.), Special Olympics, Prevent Blindness, Make a Wish, Campus Life (Christian Youth Group), Jay Cees, and two high schools. Amid this rampage of 'evil doing,' I have been approached many times by protestors and preachers who have tried to drive away our customers (thus driving down our charitable donations). I have tried to argue and debate, I have even tried to be polite and ask that they leave. Calling the law sometimes worked if we had any claim to the land we were on.

But I found the #1 solution. When they show up and start handing out fliers, I proudly proclaim that the fliers and comic books are worth $1.00 off at the door. It doesn’t cost the house much because the group usually stops giving them out right away. But they are usually besieged by the customers for the books. Every time they pack up and leave quickly.”