Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Holy Martyr Theokletos the Sorcerer

St. Theokletos the Martyr (Feast Day - February 26)


Theokletos was called towards divine knowledge,
He glorifies that he is called to be an athlete.
Known prior as Lampadios, he was a servant of magic,
As a martyr of Christ, receive Your Theokletos.
On the twenty-sixth the neck of Theokletos was cut by the bronze.

Commemoration of the Holy Martyr Theokletos on February 26th is mentioned in the Parisian Codex 1578. This seems to refer to the sorcerer Lampadios who tried to poison Saint Photini, and being unsuccessful he was in turn baptized with the name Theokletos. Archimandrite John Demetriados of Katounakia composed a Divine Office in his honor (here).

In the Synaxarion of Saint Photini, we read how she and her companions were ordered by the emperor to be given a deadly potion. A magician was called, whose name was Lampadios, in order to prepare the poisonous potion, which was first taken by Saint Photini, who said to the magician, "I should not touch the potion from your hands to drink, because you are unclean. But that you, O Emperor, may know, along with you magician who prepared the potion, the power of Christ my God, behold I drink first of all in the name of my Jesus, and then all those with me will drink."

After they all drank, they remained unharmed, and the magician was dumbfounded. Turning to Saint Photini, he said, "I have concocted another potion which is more powerful. If you drink it and not instantly die, then I too will believe in your Christ." When they all drank from this as well, and nothing bad happened, for this reason the magician took his magic books and cast them into the fire, and he believed in Christ, was baptized and renamed Theokletos. When the Emperor learned of this, he ordered that he be captured in the midst of the Saints, and that he be taken outside the walls of the city and beheaded. Thus the first of all of them to complete their martyrdom was the renowned Theokletos, and he received from the Lord the incorruptible crown.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
Let us commonly praise Theokletos, the boast of Martyrs, for having overthrown all the devices of the enemy, and proclaiming Christ and being martyred, he ever intercedes, on our behalf to the Lord, we who earnestly sing his hymns, at his sacred festival.

Kontakion in the Third Tone
You were cleansed Theokletos, soul and mind and heart, through Baptism, you took the cross upon you shoulders, shaming, the devices of the devil, contesting, for Christ the Savior. Therefore Martyr cease not, to intercede for the salvation of those who sing you hymns.

Observing that the Saints were unharmed by drinking the poisonous potion, which you prepared, as one who is sensible you came to know the power of Christ; therefore, you gave over your books of magic to the fire, and denying the idols, you approached Christ through divine Baptism, and through martyrdom, you endured bravely on His behalf. Therefore Martyr cease not, to intercede for the salvation of those who sing you hymns.