Monday, February 17, 2020

Saint Auxibios and the Forty Demon Possessed Men

After the death of Saint Auxibios (Feb. 17), Bishop of Soli in Cyprus, many miracles began to take place at his grave. Word of these extraordinary events reached Paphos, southwest of Soli. Forty men gathered together from Paphos. All forty of these men were troubled and possessed by unclean spirits. As a group they traveled to Soli in search of being cured.

When the forty men arrived at a distance of fifteen miles from Soli, they met Saint Auxibios who appeared to them in a vision on the road. Right there he cast out of the forty men the unclean spirits by the grace of God. Having been delivered from the wicked demons, the forty men hastened to Soli and reported all that took place along the road.

When the people heard all that happened, they rejoiced and gave glory to God who bestowed such grace upon His servant. The forty men then went to the grave of the Saint, knelt, and offered thanks and glory to God. They then departed in peace and returned to Paphos. Since then, the people of Paphos celebrate the memory of of Saint Auxibios with great piety.