Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Saint Simon the Myrrhgusher and the Dragon

When Saint Simon departed from his elder, he traveled throughout the Holy Mountain of Athos in search of a suitable place where he could settle and dwell in quietude and obscurity. After considerable searching, he found a cave. Here he armed himself with faith, patience, prayer and fasting, and faced demonic temptations to a degree like he never faced before.

One night, as the Saint was keeping vigil, a vile demon transformed himself into a frightful and huge dragon. This dragon beat the Saint with its tail to the point where he lay on the ground half dead. The phantom dragon had given the Saint wounds all over his body.

Though the Saint lay half dead on the ground, he continued to chant psalms to God. This angered the dragon, who continued to beat the holy man. The demon's intention was to terrify Simon to the point that he would flee the cave in horror instead of becoming a powerful vessel of the Holy Spirit.

Boldly the Saint stood his ground and rebuked the demon, saying: "The Lord Sabaoth rebuke you! Get behind me, Satan. The Lady of this Athos rebukes you! Depart from me!" With this, the dragon immediately vanished, and the dark cave became filled with a glorious light and inexpressible fragrance, filling Simon's heart with cheer and delight. He then heard a divine female voice say: "Take courage and be strong, obedient and faithful servant of my Son."

Before the rising of the sun, Simon's health was completely restored.